Conception II - Starmas (Lovers) Event w Torri Feiiji 3DS10:56

Conception II - Starmas (Lovers) Event w Torri Feiiji 3DS

I blushed so much during this..I love her so much. She's so adorable.

Screenshot 33
I'm in love with a bird. It is a Japanese bird. That may mean it's a Tori.

In Japanese, lots of names such as Yuuka become Yuka in English although I don't do that maybe maybe maybe maybe.

Because this Wikia is opposite maybe..we will add an extra r instead of removing one.

I love Torri.

What I wrote above is dumb maybe..But I love Torri. she is adorable. I wanna hug herTorri Final concept artI love Torri so much..

she is so adorable.

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